Cryptocurrency Companies Surging in North Texas (2022)


The Texas Blockchain Council is paving the way for Texas to be the friendliest cryptocurrency state in the U.S. and it’s already working in 2022.

Texas Blockchain Council is a nonprofit lobbying group in Richardson that is generating a lot of momentum for crypto in Dallas. TBC already has 90 corporate members and 450 individual members according to their president, Lee Bratcher.

In part because of TBC’s efforts, startups are flocking to Texas, and, more specifically, the Dallas-Fort Worth area to build their headquarters and that means millions of dollars are flowing into the Lone Star state.

If the Texas government is sharp, they won’t need the Texas Blockchain Council to lobby them into crypto-friendly regulation. Other states will eventually catch on that commerce, money, and power emanate from large crypto companies so right now it’s a race to attract companies and establish a foundational network of crypto businesses.


Here is a list of cryptocurrency companies in the DFW area:

  • Aurox
  • Hedera
  • The Arcadia Group
  • Blockmetrix
  • Dsx
  • IPwe
  • Keepit
  • Zabo
  • Mouri Tech

The largest crypto company in DFW is currently Hedera. Hedera is a major player located in Richardson and co-founded by Mance Harmon.

Another big name is The Arcadia Group. Arcadia is based in Dallas and develops blockchain software.

Blockmetrix is a crypto mining startup in Dallas that recently raised $50 million. CEO Nevin Bannister said that Blockmetrix’s Dallas location was actually a huge selling point in garnering investor money because investors believe that Dallas will become the mining epicenter of the U.S.

Another crypto startup in Dallas is Aurox. Per CEO Giorgi Khazaradze, they were able to draw in $5 million worth of investor money in February of 2022.

Keepit is a blockchain security company headquartered in Fort Worth and has 300 emplooyes.

And although they aren’t really in the same space, Coinsource is the world’s largest Bitcoin ATM operator so they technically are in the crypto niche. Regardless, they lead the way in the ATM space and their headquarters are in Fort Worth.

Beyond these organizations, others are operating in DFW remotely.


The future of cryptocurrency in Texas is looking very bright.  The Texas Blockchain Council has played a large part in the development and growth, but the companies that are making the move to headquarter in DFW also deserve credit for investing in the Lonestar State.

California could have built upon its Silicon Valley mecca.  And Coinbase, the largest U.S. based centralized exchange, is already headquartered in San Francisco, but California’s ridiculous taxation and liberal government have done in The Golden State.  Literally billions of dollars of technology money have already left and many more billions will have never gone.

California was winning the game and blew it by getting greedy.  And now Texas is rising to prominence in the most important transition of our lifetimes.

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